Posted at 8:25am on May 11th 2017 1.5k Likes • 5.25k Views

Since introducing the map timeline we have added more maps for more games than ever before! That sounds great... right? We thought so too at first, but over time we realised that the actual attention gained from map updates, over spread games, in a trickle format didn't have the hype it opened with, and we wanted that back!

What we want to do is, really focus on one game at a time and provide a more substantial update than just maps. Such as:
  • 3+ new maps during each update (we'd love 5!)
  • Gameplay updates
  • New cosmetics
  • New ranks
  • New achievements
  • Reaching out to top and engaged players for feedback
  • Pesky bug fixes
  • + Anything else that's fun and fits into the game
Whilst we don't have every game planned out yet, we're happy to say that Hide and Seek and DeathRun are the first 2 games to receive updates.

Over the past 6 months we have grown our content team more than ever before and we plan on growing it further. With the Bedrock server around the corner we are able to grow a larger team that can also turn that talent to the Java server. We are hard at work every day on making sure we keep the Hive fresh with content and in a way that gets people excited.

Watch this space!

Hive Team